Puerto Rico Finest -THCA Flower (25%) – 1Pound (Lb) Gelato

THCA Flower 25 %  – Gelato Strain

Size. 1 Pound (lb)

Each THCA Pound has a total of 26.9 % Cannabinoids

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What is a THCA?

As you might’ve heard by now, THCa is a strong cannabinoid porducing Sativa like highs for some people. (YES this may get you buzzed, USE Caution, Only for adults over 21+)

PRFinest THCA Pre-Rolls — Best THCA Joints – Best Flower

At PRFinest, we only use the most premium hemp grown from our partner farms all over Puerto Ricoa and USA. We create a proprietary blend of a number of cannabinoids: HHC, D8, THCA, etc to aim to create a complete entourage effect between all the yummy cannabinoids.


Dosage Guidelines

If you are new to THCa Pre-Rolls, start with 1-2 puffs and wait a few minutes to determine if you are getting the desired effect. Repeat if necessary, and give yourself time to get accustomed to the uplifting sensations. For best results, avoid overconsuming and always consume responsibly!


For those who are less familiar with THCa Pre-Rolls, you may have more questions on the specifics of THCa. To help, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to provide additional information.

What Are the Benefits of THCa?

THCA is a novel cannabinoid that has shown rapid growth in the market recently. As we are always here to deliver for you, we thought it was important to offer THCA to our customers.

Will THCA Show Up in a Drug Test?

Drug tests typically test for the presence of THC. And since THCa is converted into THC upon heating, it will probably show up on a drug test. If you smoke THCa Pre-Rolls, you inhale Delta-9 THC into your bloodstream, which will most likely provide a THC-positive result in a drug test. If you expect to take a drug test soon, we suggest avoiding THCa Pre-Rolls for now.

Will THCA Pre-Rolls Get Me High?

Most likely!! Our PreRolls will deliver potent buzz for some however everyone is different so we implore you to use caution before taking these things.

Are THCA Pre-Rolls Legal?

Yes, our THCa Pre-Rolls are 100% federally legal and Farm Bill-compliant. The 2018 Farm Bill declares that all hemp products are legal if they contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. However, as each state has its own regulations regarding hemp, we suggest checking your local laws before purchasing any hemp products.

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